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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

How To Get out of Trouble

When you Inadvertently Wipe out Everything... 

Wiping out all the waypoints is not unknown to any Airbus pilot. Either you have been there done that, or you will. Below is a little tip to get out of trouble.

Situation: If you’re being vectored toward an intercept and the pilot monitoring plans to clean up to the PPOS, but accidentally deletes one too many points you will lose everything. You will be looking at PPOS, a route discontinuity, and blank, blank, blank. The approach is gone. 

Recovery: Type ABC over the route discontinuity. Select lateral offset over ABC, and then select New Destination. Reinsert the approach, and delete the ABC, and you’re good to go. 

Systems Note: The reason you must type in ABC is because you cannot lateral offset off a PPOS. 

Have a thorough understanding of when you need to delete the PPOS to save yourself grief. A good example of what can go wrong is provided in this post:  What Can Go Wrong? Go Wrong? Go Wrong?

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 


  1. Doesn't the Airbus FMS have an UNDO function? The ATR is a child of Airbus, and it's FMS is blessed with an UNDO function which is available for 60 seconds after you did your mistake. It has saved me for trouble many times.

    1. Nope. There is no UNDO function on the Airbus. ATR was an Aérospatiale and Aeritalia built aircraft... Airbus now owns Aérospatiale, but was not involved in building the ATR. Is there actually a selection that says "UNDO"? Wouldn't it be nice to have an UNDO button for life? Thanks for your comment!


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