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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Embrace Your Superpower!

Be Proud of Your Differences! 

One of my favorite things to do just before bed is to snuggle into a hot bath with a cup of tea, sometimes with my friend Jack D. and a splash of melatonin, and read a good book. This morning my husband noticed last night's book at the side of my tub and said, with rather large smile, "I see you're upping your reading level."

As a matter of fact I did "up" my reading level, because I learned something new. I learned all about the magical world of Synesthesia. People politely smile when I say that I can smell the snow or feel the happiness of bright colors.  This doesn't come close to an amazing Synesthete. 

We don't all experience life in the same manner. For most of us, we smell flowers. Yet, can you taste a word? Can you smell a color? There are people who sense things differently. There are over 80 different types of Synesthesia. 

One of the most wonderful people I know, my dear friend Christy Gurley, learned she is a Synesthete. She is talented, creative, energetic and just a delight to be around. And I'm not surprised she has a superpower. 

After reading her fabulous children's book Sereya's Superpower, I thought about how many children  believe they are different for any number of reasons and think that's a bad thing.  But in fact, they just have a super power they never realized they had. If you know any child who feels they  are different for any reason, this is the book for them. For all of you big people who are different, you might want to read this book as well. 

It's those who are different who 
will change the world!

Christy not only wrote a book, but she is an artist too! 
If you want to get a copy of 
Sereya's Superpower and check out Christy's art, 
Visit her at 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

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  1. Yikes, another book I gotta read, Karlene! I'm needing a bigger bedside table! Thanks.


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