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Friday, June 26, 2020

PIA FLT PK8303 Accident

What Went Wrong?

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And When We Thought 
it Couldn't get any worse....

P.I.A. ( Pakistan International Airlines) suspends 
150 pilots over fraudulent License and ratings.

"From the post report from the Karachi crash May 22, in which 91 passengers lost their lives when the pilots having gear deployed opted to retract just prior landing. Pakistan Aviation Minister- Ghulam Sarwar Khan- said more than 30% of Commercial Pilots have "false licenses and rating" and are not qualified to fly passenger planes. Within the Fraud investigation carried out for Pakistan Government, was found " wide spread  pilots paying other more qualified pilots to take exams and rating exams", out of the 860 pilots vetted, was found 265 pilots have questionable licenses."

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  1. It is the tip of iceberg. If this can happen in a very regulated and visible sector which is open to multiple checks and balances, I wonder what would be the case with other professions? Doctors, teachers, Govt. jobs etc. And to be fair it is a global problem and not confined to few countries.

    1. No kidding. Nothing surprises me anymore on the criminality of people and what they do for a dollar. Scary world.


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