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Monday, January 27, 2020

Flight For Truth

Coming February 2020!

“It's no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. 
Fiction has to make sense”
Mark Twain

Corruption runs deep within the airline industry when Captain Darby Bradshaw is grounded and forced into a psychiatric evaluation in response to reporting safety concerns to senior leadership at Global Air Lines. What she doesn’t know is that her removal is nothing short of a conspiracy to silence her safety concerns. Privatization of ATC, approval of drone operated commercial aircraft, short-cutting training, and the untimely crash of a Boeing 737 MAX are all tied to Darby’s report. Her resultant research is about to uncover the truth. How high does this go? All the way to the White House. Not even her friends FAA Manager Kathryn Jacobs, DOT Secretary John McAllister, or Psychiatrist Linda Madden, can do anything to help her. 

The question is—can she save herself?

This is the fifth in the Fight For Series where truth is scarier than fiction. Flight For Justice coming soon, where it’s not about truth and justice, but what you can prove in court. 


Flight For Truth  is dedicated to all those people who have faced an atrocity due to the abuse of power. Losing control of your life due the unethical decisions of others feels like a passenger in a plane that is going down. But remember one thing—as long as you survive your life is not over, it will just be different. Make that difference count and fight for truth. 

Read the series and get ready 
for what happens next!

The First Novel...

Imagine writing a novel, Flight For Control, with the theme of mental health embedded within the world of aviation. And then two months after your novel is released a Jet Blue captain is locked out of the flight deck by his first officer, after he suffers from a mental breakdown. What if he hadn't been locked out? And then four years later a Germanwings first officer successfully locks the captain out of the fight deck and flies his plane into the mountains. Read more here...

 The Second Novel...


Imagine writing a novel and Asiana crashes in San Francisco, and you have a scene that mirrors that event. And then your pilots are flying an A330 to Singapore as a storm builds, they get caught ... and two years later Air Asia takes the same route and flies into that storm but crashes. Fiction that mirrors truth.  Read more here... 

The Third Novel...

Imagine being an author working on your PhD at the same time you are an airline pilot. What if all those worlds merged into one exciting adventure, where truth was scarier than fiction and the lines between your worlds blurred? You would write the novel Flight For Survival.
Read more here...

The Fourth Novel... 

It's insane how airlines are cutting training at the expense of safety. Insanity extends to the FAA, where industry issues of automation dependency, lack of hand flying skills, confusion, and lack of understanding stem back to 1996, yet these issues are more prevalent than ever. Imagine what happens to the person challenging the system...

 All books can be purchased, 
with autographs, on this blog!


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Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Can't wait to read this! Hard to imagine all that Darby has been put through, but I admire her bravery in the face of corruption. Global Air and the industry are lucky to have her...too bad they don't realize it. I have faith in the future because of people like her that stand up for what is right.

    1. Jake, Thanks for the great comment! Yes... she's been put through hell, but you'll never imagine what she faces in this novel... when you just thought it couldn't get worse....

  2. Oh Karlene Karlene Karlene - soon cannot be soon enough for Darby to make her next appearance!!! Soooooo waiting for this!!!!


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