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Friday, May 12, 2017

Sue Ballew

Friday's Fabulous Flyer! 

Sue Ballew

Sue has been a full -time independent Flight Instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost 10 years.  She has won numerous awards from several organizations including AOPA and the Ninety-Nines for her contributions to aviation and flight instructing, and she just keeps giving! Wait until the end of this post to see what she is going to give to one lucky winner! 

“Live the Dream, Learn to Fly”

Sue is not any ordinary flight instructor... 
she is one of the best!

Gold Seal Flight Instructor
CFI of the Year 2012 – West Valley Flying Club

Professional Woman Pilot of the Year 2012 –
Southwest Section Ninety-Nines, Inc.
NAFI – Master Flight instructor
Skytrekker Aviation

Prior to instructing in the Bay Area, she flew for American Eagle in the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Cuba, and Miami. But Sue wanted a different life. Besides, whomever thinks you can't make a living being a flight instructor, Sue has proven them wrong. Not only does she have control of her schedule, but she is doing what she loves, and giving a gift to the many people she teaches daily. 

Being an independent flight instructor has also given Sue the opportunity to also use and develop her marketing and entrepreneurial skills by developing an online presence in aviation with a website, blog, newsletter, and other marketing sites. 

Then there was coffee! 

Since her first trip to Europe in the ‘80s, Sue has enjoyed and appreciated great coffee, especially espresso.  With an eye open for a new venture and a desire to expand her entrepreneurship, she began selling a variety of products online, including coffee. But something was missing ... 

Her own brand.  

Give a woman and idea to spark imagination and what happens? She births something great. This time it was ... 

 Jetstream Coffee 

Jet Stream Coffee was inspired by her passion for flying, everything aviation, travel, and a great cup of coffee.  With a tagline of....

“Where will the JetStream take You today?”

Sue hopes to inspire people to dream about flying to far-away places while they  savor a delicious cup of JetStream Coffee. 

Whole Bean
Dark and Light Roast Certified Fair Trade Organic
Espresso Dark Roast
You decide what you like most!

You can find more information on the coffee at More than that, you can find the three varieties of Coffee on Amazon, as well Jetstream Coffee t-shirts, polo shirts, and coffee mugs to purchase on the website. But what is even better is....

Enter to WIN a Free Cup 
and A Free Bag of 
JetStream Coffee!


  1. Answer the question "Where do you wish the JetStream could take you today?” in the comment section below.
  2. Copy that answer and paste on Sue's Facebook page
  3. Then Like Sue on Facebook.
The contest will go from 
May 12th to May 26th. 

Then Sue will select the best answer....
Or, if she can't decide she will put the best 
answers into a hat and draw someone.

Sue with three of her students!

Life is Short... Stay awake for it!

Darby might have to shift from Starbucks to JetStream Coffee in the next novel! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene 


  1. What a great story!! Wow.. where would I like to go? Just about anywhere the Jet Stream will take me. Today, I would like to go to Iceland! :)

    1. Okay... we might have to make that a reality!

    2. Christy, you are the winner! Please send me your address via private email:, and let me know which coffee you would like - go here for the coffee varieties: Thanks again!

    3. Hooray!! Thank you SueB! I'm a huge fan of strong coffee, so I'm going to try the dark blend. What a nice thing for you to do! 😊

    4. Winner winner! A sign of good things to come!

  2. She sounds like one of the exceptional great women you seem to collect from everywhere in the world.
    An outstanding incredible person that makes her career and life work. As being from Europe and being a Coffee drinker and a Starbucks fan, whichyou Karlene introduced me to, I sure need to discover that Jetstream brand.
    And as for Darby..I sure think she must do that too! ☕️

    1. Thank you An! You are one of those exceptional women... and I'm looking forward to a cup of coffee with you!

    2. Still hoping to have a cup of Coffee with you in the near future!

    3. Analons, Thank you for your comment, although you weren't the winner, (no FB posting) please send a private email to and I will send you a discount coupon for my JetStream Coffee. Thanks!

  3. Replies
    1. I'll bring the suntan lotion!

    2. Hi Syd, Thank you for your comment, although you weren't the winner, (no FB posting) please send a private email to and I will send you a discount coupon for my JetStream Coffee.

  4. Sue... this is a comment emailed to me:

    Dear Sue Ballew

    I read your story of your flight instructing and the coffee project, unfortunately my Amazon, I live

    Nottingham England. I have your coffee website stored so will place an order very shortly.

    Ive always been into aviation, both my father and his were in Royal Air Force, his father joined as aircraft

    mechanic Royal Flying Corps 1917.

    I was trying for my PPL back in 1991 but due a bad accident at work I was on crutches for two years, did gain

    20hrs 4 solo and 2 exams, and yes if the JETSTREAM could work miracles I would return to then an my flying training.

    Keep up the good work .

    Mark Restorick
    Nottingham England

    1. Karlene, tell Mark thank you for his amazing story and I would be happy to send a discount coupon for shipping through Amazon in the US.


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