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Friday, February 24, 2017

Kelly Kincaid

Having Fun with Life! 

Kelly Kincaid 

Friday's Fabulous Flyer! 

Kelly is a flight attendant for a major US carrier, and an incredibly talented lady. I had the chance to meet her at Ivars in Seattle last Sunday. We had a fabulous lunch, compliments of our good friend JR, and a great visit. Who can't laugh at our aviation world? Whether you are a working crew or a passenger, we all know there is a lot to laugh about.

Not only is she a flight attendant with a sense of humor, but Kelly is also the creator of a popular flight attendant cartoon called Jetlagged Comic.

But Kelly's success did not come without adversity. As many of us in this industry have experienced, we have been furloughed. What is that? A polite way of saying you don't have a job. It's the time in your career where you are put on a shelf, waiting to come back to work, but you don't know exactly when that might be. Months or years. Do you wait? Do you get another job?

Well, Kelly loved her job so she filled her time by starting a cleaning business. Something that would provide an income, but would never keep her from her job in the sky when they called her back.

Fortunately, Kelly only had to wait four months to return to work. But being furloughed makes a person realize that employment is not guaranteed in the airline world. Seven of my eight airlines are out of business. So a few years after her furlough, Kelly revisited her passion of drawing and writing, and through the encouragement and support of her boyfriend, who is now her husband, they began the journey of taking Kelly's talents to paper. And the rest is history!

Robert and Kelly

Writers share their passion for multiple reasons... to educate, create awareness, or entertain. But the side effects for writers are amazing. Some of us call it therapy. Kelly understands that when she stated, "What started as a coping method from working long days with the general public, quickly turned into a flight attendant humor outlet."  An outlet that we can all appreciate! Passengers will love this too! 

Her comics deal with the every day lives of flight crews. From schlepping their bags from one hotel to the next, or trying to remember what day of the month it is, or where the heck we are, Jetlagged gives readers a glimpse behind the galley curtain. The comics are colorful, goofy and fun, something every flight attendant, pilot, aviation enthusiast and frequent traveler will enjoy. She gave me one of her books at lunch, and I'm having a blast reading it.

You can find Kelly by clicking the links below:

Twitter: @JetlaggedComic

Most importantly... 

If you want a copy of this great book 
Click on this AMAZON Link

Sometimes when the world feels like its falling apart, shift you focus to the humor behind those events. Whether you are a passenger or crew, I'm sure Kelly would love to hear your experiences so she can cartoon them, too!

She is also super famous! Jetlagged has been showcased on media outlets including King 5's Evening Magazine, KOMO TV 4 and the Redmond Patch, as well as entertainment sites Rants of a Sassy Stew, A Fly Guy's Cabin Crew Lounge, The Flying Pinto and World Crew.  

Kelly is going to be stopping by the 2017 Northwest Aviation Conference this weekend to say hi. Join me at booth 124 and you may get to meet her in person! 

What is your not so funny experience 
on a plane or at an airport? 

Kelly will cartoon it! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene

author of... 


  1. Hi Karlene, I'm reading Kelly's cartoon for a few years now and find them very funny.
    It is always a pleasure to meet the person behind the cartoons and books and This is a lady with Great sense of humor.
    I love her drawings and the funny texts.

    1. An, what a small world! When you come to visit, you can meet her in person!

  2. Awesome!

    Actually both of you are awesome! And both of you rock-it in the real world too. #Respect


    1. Ah.... THANK YOU!! We think you are pretty awesome too!!!


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