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Friday, September 30, 2016

Jihadi Hijacking!

Fridays Fabulous Flyer

Justin Reed

Today’s Friday Flyer is no stranger to our pages. In fact, we’ve interviewed him several times now, even though he’s not a real pilot. Why? Because he seems to keep getting mixed up in aviation-y trouble!

For example, last year, we interviewed New York teen orphan Justin Reed, right after he and his adopted father Bob saved a hijacked Airbus A321! The amazing story was chronicled in “Code Name: Dodger Mission 3—Jihadi Hijacking,” written by our good friend Eric “Cap’n Aux” Auxier.

This time around, Justin is kidnapped by the Korean Kkangpae mafia, and shanghai’d to Asia. There, he discovers the shocking truth of his past. But, not before having to escape his Kkangpae kidnappers—while inflight aboard their private Gulfstream jet! His lastest adventure is chronicled in Captain Auxier’s new novel, “Code Name: Dodger Mission 4—Yakuza Dynasty.”

Karlene: Welcome aboard, Justin. Wow, you just keep getting mixed up in inflight adventures, don’t you?

Justin: Thanks, Karlene, it’s great to be here. And, after having escaped both the Korean Kkangpae and Japanese Yakuza, I must say, it’s great to be anywhere, LOL! But, ya, its seems like I’ve had so many inflight adventures, you’d think the FAA would give me an honorary pilot’s license!

Karlene: You gotta tell us, Justin, how did you escape? Inflight, no less?

Justin: Well, I’d like to say I got to use all kinds of secret agent gizmos like James Bond would, but the truth is, I’m not a real agent. I was merely trained by the CIA to help trap the evil spy Pharaoh, who was after me. So, I had to resort to my CIA training, and my good ol’ orphan street smarts. Being handcuffed to the plane and guarded by two mafia thugs, it wasn’t easy!

Karlene: Wow, can’t wait to read that part! Then what happened?

Justin: Well, my adopted father Bob, now a secret agent of the über top secret ITA, or International Anti-Terrorist Agency, is also a psychologist. I’d been having these bizarre dreams about my mom’s death in the ocean when I was six, so he’d been probing my subconscious, trying to figure out what really happened. So, after I escaped my Korean kidnappers, I made my way to Japan, where I was born, to explore just that. Well, you know what they say, Be careful what you ask for: you may get it! I suddenly discovered the shocking truth of what really happened that day my mom died. To say it blew my mind to pieces would be an understatement.

Karlene: I can imagine! Can you give us a hint about what happened?

Justin: Well, you see, it’s like—um, . . . I’m dying to tell you the secret! But, I can say that the mystery surrounding her death had to do with the Japanese mafia, called the Yakuza. That’s why they were chasing me! I gotta tell you, it took every ounce of my CIA training and street skills to outsmart them. Especially that deadly Japanese beauty they sent after me, Miki.

Karlene: Uh oh. She sounds dangerous.

Justin: Well, let’s just say she killed me with her charms! I’m only 15 now, but you know, hey, those hormones are raging, and I’m a sucker for love, just like anybody. Doesn’t matter how much training CIA gives you, you’re still only human.

Karlene: Back to the aviation adventure. Every mission you’re on seems to involve airplanes.

Justin: Ya, you got that right! Either I’m trying to save an airliner from a hijacking, escaping on a plane, or trying to escape from a plane! Or a helicopter. If you remember, I was chucked out of one mid-flight! That was chronicled in Mission 2—Cartel Kidnapping.

Karlene: Well, it sounds like your latest mission has plenty of adventures, both in the sky and on the ground.

Justin: No kidding! Now that I’m back home and on terra firma, I’m hoping to start my sophomore year in high school without any more, uh, clandestine or aeronautical complications!

Karlene: Best of luck with that. Thanks for joining us today, Justin.

Justin: It was fun, Karlene! And, be sure to check out my new Mission, Yakuza Dynasty, releasing October 5th!

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  1. One hilarious post, Karlene. Eric writes well, and supports a fertile mind, full of interesting adventures. I'm sure that we will see many more interesting tales from him, frequently aimed at younger readers. Thanks for sharing this 'interview' with us.


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