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Friday, June 3, 2016

Cleared For Takeoff

Time for Adventure!

Guess what found it's way into my mailbox? 

An advanced readers copy of There I Wuz, volume 3. This book is filled with stories of adventure and real life, with a whole lot of aviation that I couldn't put down. I don't think you'll ever find a compilation of stories in one place like this. The photos also make this series incredible, as it's fun to put a face to the story, and see the plane after the typhoon. My favorite photo is that of Eric's Dad, Petty Officer, Richard Auxier... too cute!  But there is so much more... 

There are even stories from our good buddies 

The There I Wuz series just keeps getting better!

Pre-order your kindle: 

If you haven't read There I Was volume 2...

Most importantly, you can find all 

A perfect gift... 
Just in time for graduation 
for your favorite aviator! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Thanks for the great post and review, Karlene!
    I have to say, the pic of my dear old dad is my favorite, too! And, hard to beat that pic of my Twin Otter, post-Hurricane Hugo, upside down and with its wings ripped off. So sad, but such a testament to the power of Mother Nature!
    As you know, Volume 3 is more of a military-themed book, with several of our favorite military writers, such as LCDR Leland Shanle, Major Rob Burgon and Captain Alan Carter.
    So glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Eric, all I's saying is... that photo of your Dad is worth the price of the book. Now... everyone is going to buy it, as they all want to see him! Yes, some great military stories. Ironically...did you see yesterday's post?


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