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Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Fear of Flying

And How To Overcome It 

Talk about a progressive charter operation. Phoebe Parlade of Miami Helicopters sent me some incredible information on how to deal with the fear of flying. I think you'll enjoy her words as much as I did. 

By  Phoebe Parlade:

"The fear of flying has been a common problem ever since the invention of passenger aircraft, but has become a hot topic of discussion as more people are starting to speak out about it. From incidents of air rage on commercial flights to celebrities' own flying paranoia, it seems that the fear of flying is popping up everywhere.

A discussion of the common psychology behind this fear is raised, along with some interesting tips for overcoming it. It is suggested that fear of flying is not actually a phobia, as it can be triggered by both rational and irrational fears. Especially in recent decades, terrorism has had a large role in creating a rational fear of flying. However other triggers such as childhood trauma, social anxiety, and even additional fears like claustrophobia also contribute to an individual's fear of flying.

Knowing the underlying cause or triggers for a person's fear of flying can be instrumental in overcoming it. Identifying flying as non-threatening, taking control of the frightening situation, or escaping (via imagination, distraction, or other mental exercises) can be especially helpful. These all get easier with practice to contribute to a long-term effect of overcoming this common fear.

Fear of flying is not uncommon. From celebrities to people who may only board a plane once or twice in their lives, those who suffer from this fear come from all walks of life and may go to great lengths to avoid flying.

People may develop a fear of flying for a number of reasons. Recent news of a terrorist attack or a plane crash can lead to an increase in fear. In a sense, this fear is not entirely irrational, but the truth is that flying is actually very safe. However, even knowing that this is true is not sufficient to rid many people of the fear of flying.

Fortunately, there are classes that people can take and techniques that they can practice to overcome their fears. This applies to adults as well as children. One of the keys is identifying the source of the fear. This may range from a fear of losing control to a lack of understanding about how planes and air travel work.

Classes are offered by many airlines and airports. Another options may be visiting a psychologist. The good news is that these approaches have been proven to work in fearful fliers of all ages."

Huge thanks to Phoebe
 for some great words of wisdom!

I also found an article on their site

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

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