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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Flights Wanted!

To Support the Mission... 

Needs Your Help!
Hoop Through Life is empowering young girls across the nation. However, they have already had to cancel a camp because they weren't able to secure funds to make the journey, impacting approximately 100 young girls who had planned on attending!

Alexis says... 
"Without sponsorship for our flights to the camps, we may not be able to implement our big sister/little sister program where are kids have a consistent and committed life coach."

Hoop Through Life is a non-profit business, started by 6 undergraduate students, aiming to give back and empower the young women in their community to do more. But without financial support for the journey "airline tickets" they may not be able to inspire and help the kids grow to be servant leaders.

"If we can't do more ourselves, 
how can we teach young girls to do the same?"

"I can promise a return on your investment... one from the heart and making a difference, by impacting the world and lives across the United States and beyond! There is no better return!
We don't know how yet, but we do know that 
Please Check out their Schedule 
and help find the angels
who will help fly them to location
You can also help by sharing this post 
with everyone you know!

In June, NBC News is also doing an extensive segment on their story and mission, and their respective partners. Become part of the show! The Story! And impact the lives of others!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

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