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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sir Frank Whittle


By Mark Restorick

"Hello from a dull wet rainy damp Nottinghamshire, this article was on our regional news last night, so missed my original newsletter of all things airline this side of pond. 

"Whittle jet" Gloster E28-39 upon the roundabout

In memoriam to from whence the dawn of a new propulsion age began, the " jet age ", the memorial upon the roundabout just off jc 11 M1 motorway at Lutterworth Leicestershire and 1/2 mile south from airfield " Sir Frank Whittle" developed the co - axial jet engine in 1936 after writing a paper for his r.a.f. college course in 1929, but the Air ministry would not believe him. 

"Sir Frank Whittle" then with his own money and help of initially" British Houston Turbine" then "Rover car group" and after several issues due in experience of " Rover"and " Rolls Royce" with their Aero engine knowledge stepped in after swapping a contract for armoured cars, at same time then Squadron leader Whittle, registered it design at patent office. 

The replica " Whittle jet " as known, or its true name Gloster e28-39, is 10 years old and looking a little worn by weathering even though whole " Whittle jet " is made from stainless steel. The trust who care for the " Whittle jet" have launched a call for donations to help towards overhall that will see the a/c restored for a further 10 plus, the end result will see the " Whittle jet" not in its stainless steel existing look, but, painted in the colors as worn by the original prototype.

The trust though have the issue of, how do you repair / restore an aircraft that is life size mounted upon a roundabout, one view is to erect scaffold about the aircraft and encase all in a tent, the other is to remove the whole aircraft temporarily from the roundabout to a site close by very possibly to the original buildings as once used by Sir Frank Whittle of which still remain in tact and are preserved."

 Thank you Mark!!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

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