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Friday, October 9, 2015

Paul Job

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

 Paul Job 

Paul Job is an aviation art photographer in South Africa. And not just any aviation photographer. He takes the most beautiful photos. He currently lives in a small mining town called Kimberley.

Paul believe as a person with extreme dyslexia, he did not have any options to do anything else but take photos. Thus after school he studied photography, and did that pay off.  

Paul became well known for his beautiful sunset aviation photographs and aviation art photography.


He has been an aviation photographer for the previous 12 years, and his photography has been well received all over the world. He's also been published in numerous aviation magazine publications worldwide. While he'd thought of starting his own magazine, his dyslexia prevented that dream. Until this year, that is, when his dream became a reality.

Paul says, “I went to a large aviation event in South Africa in 2014 as the representative of an aviation magazine. After the event, I was very disappointed and disillusioned by the treatment I received from that publication. I went into depression and did not even want to take photos again. Then I realized that I don’t need other publications - I could start my own magazine and do it myself for myself. After registering my media company, Aviation Lifestyle Media (PTY) Ltd, I started working on my magazine titled “Aviation Lifestyle Magazine™.” 

The magazine focuses on the lifestyle aspect of aviation. The people. While many aviation magazines spend so much time on the aviation products including the aircraft and equipment that they forget to put the pilot in the picture.


Aviation professionals from all facets of the aviation industry are included in his magazine. They are interviewed and you will learn first-hand what it is like to fly an aircraft, how it feels to be in the cockpit, the emotional side of aviation and why they do what they do. Amazing people, like Karlene Petitt, who has made a difference in the aviation industry, and Bernice Cremore, an up and coming South African pilot with big dreams, are interviewed. 


Life is Beautiful~ Photograph  it! 

Contact Paul via his Website 
and check out more of his beautiful work!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

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