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Thursday, April 16, 2015

iHeart Radio and Flying High!!

My friend Christina Nitschman, pilot, entrepreneur and all around great woman, who started Savvy Radio, the home to over 80,000 listeners per month globally, has been awarded to run in syndication through AMFM247 and iHeart Radio!

Christina and I have a challenging time conducting an hour interview because the hour flies by and we end up on the phone for hours. Interviewing with Christina is like sitting with a good friend over a cup of coffee. Well, she got some great news this week for both of us! 

 iHeart Radio and AM/FM stations are going to 
air my show this Thursday!

My Show?

Of course I had to schedule another interview with Christina at Central Savvy for the release of Flight To Success, Be the Captain of your Life. And I will debut through iHeart Radio and AM/FM channels first, and then this Friday via all the podcasting platforms. Time to do a Darby Happy Dance!

 To access this great show through 
 iHeart Radio, click HERE

Thursday evening (Tonight) at 8pm ET, our show will also air on Savvy's following AMFM channels:

Tampa, FL: 102.1 FM and 1630 AM

Las Vegas, NV: 1520 AM and 107.1 FM
Lancaster, PA: 102.1 FM & 1640 AM 
Macon, GA: 98.3 FM & 810 AM 
Boulder, CO: 100.7 FM 
Milwaukee WI: 104.1

This AM/FM broadcast can also be accessed 
through AMFM247 

If anyone has a message to share, a book, or a company and you want to get your voice and product in front of hundreds of thousands of people, I would contact Christina and schedule an interview. It's well worth it, but also supports a wonderful and courageous woman who had a dream and made it come true.

Thank you so much Christina 
for your support and 
being the wind beneath my writing career
and allowing it to takeoff!!! 

 I hope you will tune in and enjoy the show!

Autographed copies are available here, 
and Amazon comments are so much appreciated!!! 

Thank YOU!


Christina Nitschmann
Telephone: 718-713-2289 or (732) 474-7375
Skype: SavvyCentralRadio

XOX Enjoy The Journey!

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  1. Congratulations Karlene, I wish you only the best! Most sincerely, JC


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