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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Women In Aviation Week!

March 1st brings the joy and love of Aviation to celebrate the passion of flight by inviting women worldwide to take to the skies! 

This month my friends at Blogging In Formation (BIF) have honored me with March, to invite women into the skies. To mentor, motivate, and share the gift of flight.

Airline Pilot and super Mom who share her gift of flight!

Last week someone posed the question...

Why not more women pilots?  

Is it due to exposure? Lack of mentors? Doubt? Yes. But it also may have to do with the desire to have a family and a belief that it's impossible to do it all. Well ladies, I'm here to tell you there are thousands of flight attendants who have families and work. Some of my best friends are pilots moms. Yes, it is possible to do both, and the rewards for the entire family are many!

In honor of Women in Aviation week: 
Take time to Educate. Inspire. Support. Bake. 
And...Take girls for flight!




Education comes in many forms. Sydney is on her way to Regionals after writing an amazing story about Amelia Earhart for National History Day competition. She wrote from Amelia's perspective, and dazzled her audience by bringing the passion of flight to life! Good luck Sydney! (Competition is Saturday, March 7th)


NW Aviation Conference and Trade Show

Take your kids to the airport, to museums and aviation events. The little cutie above spent the day with dad at the NW Aviation Trade Show and when he stopped to chat, she grabbed a seat resting those little feet. Whenever I ask the young girls if they are going to fly, and they shrug and say, "I don't know." I say...
"You should! It's super easy, 
and they even let boys do it!"

The little fingers holding the sign is little brother.

Mom's brought their daughters to the NW Aviation Conference and Trade Show, and shared their passion of aviation. I met a single mother who always wanted to fly, but she was working to put her daughter through college. During the college experience her daughter took a year off to work, and when she went back to finish she told her mom that she had tuition covered! At the age of 40 Mom took that hard earned college money she had saved, and is putting to good use...

Today is her time to fly!
MoM upside down is WOW!

Take your children to aviation events and aviation museums! Open their eyes to opportunities of flight. Inspire their minds to possibilities. Have fun and dream big!

This week find a Women Of Aviation event in your area, and take your daughter, sister, or mother for a free flight! If you want to know the "why" I began flying, read Flight To Success, Be the Captain of Your Life. At 16 I took to the sky and the rest is history. Was it easy? Nothing in life worth having ever is. The fun part of the game of life is the challenge!


Do I need to say more?

Inspiration does come in chocolate
 and with frosting too!


Women in Aviation is hosting their annual WAI conference March 4-7. Thousands of women will be attending the conference to connect, find jobs and win HUGE scholarships! I will be signing books at the book corner, and speaking at a session on Saturday the 7th, at 3 pm. I hope you will join me for a great time in Dallas!


Women in Aviation 

Advancing Aviation Careers


Women Of Aviation Week  

Give the Gift of Flight!

Air Race Classic

Join the Race for Women! 

Aviation Adventures 

Education Through Aviation! 

 International Society of Women Airline Pilots: ISA

It Takes that First Flight To Make a Career!


Supporting General Aviation!

Lady Pilots Fly
 Even at Two!

Ladies Love Taildraggers!

Girls with Wings 

What can you do to inspire a young lady 
With the Gift of Aviation?

"Behind every successful man is a strong woman" 

Today it's time to give the controls
to a woman! 


Aviation Community:

If you want Aviation to thrive, take time to sponsor the groups listed above. These women are making a difference in the future of our industry, and our children. They need your support. Put your energy into the women making a difference in aviation, and you will see change for the better!  Be the person who takes action!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Educate. Inspire. Support. Bake. And fly! Now, those are words a prospective lady pilot can live with!

    Great blog, and looking forward to doing my part to get those gals in the air, when I speak at the ABQ event next weekend.

    I've also got some more Women of Aviation event info in today's "Word on the Ramp" video for those that are interested:

    Let's up that measly 6%!!

    Eric "Cap'n Aux" Auxier

    1. Yes..... and what male pilot can deny the baking! Thank you so much for sharing "Word on the Ramp" too!! Awesome stuff and we will grow those numbers!!

  2. Awesome article Karlene! I think you're right, a lot of women probably feel that in order to fly they have to give something up. Maybe they feel it's a game of tradeoffs and they can't do it all. You're the perfect example of a woman who CAN do it all! (I loved the picture of you holding a cake!) If I can fly and still be a good dad, there's no reason any mom can't fly and still be an awesome mom. I guess when it all boils down, it becomes a question of maximizing your human potential - and in my book flying is a great to start!

    1. Rob, Thank you so much!! And that's a great point... Pilot Dad's are not anything less of Dad's for flying. Neither are Moms. And honestly, as a Mom flying...sometimes it was really nice to sleep in a quite hotel and get rejuvenated before going home.
      Flying is a great start to maximizing that human potential! Thank you for the comment!

  3. Forgot to share this BBC article, "Why Aren't There More Women Airline Pilots?"

  4. Hi Karlene, you have a small typo. It is "Women OF Aviation Week". It acknowledges more than the women in aviation; it recognizes the women before us and pro-actively fosters thousands of new female pilots thanks to the annual Fly It Forward™ Challenge ( Here are a couple of interesting articles for you:

    1. Yes, we must recognize everyone that has gone before us, and remember that everyone today will become those people. Thanks for the links.

  5. Karlene, I love this post as I am an avid advocate for aviatrixes and future ones.

    I am glad that there are many men out there who are also advocating for this. So many women have made so many imperative and outstanding contributions to this industry and you are definitely one of them!

    Hope you are having a great week!

    1. Thank you so much Jeremy. There are so many men. We have a dozen men who help each year. They are so amazing! And thank you so much for the comment!


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