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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

B787 Help!

Do you know the Answers?

My Simulator AvGeek Friend, Nicolas Marsh, is flying the 787 simulator and the plane is not behaving the way he believes it should. It reminds me of the old days with the introduction of technology when we heard:

"What's it doing now?" 

So, I told Nicolas to send me his questions. Well, some of them are how does she work, others are what do you think?

787 Questions:

  • If you select a lower altitude in the MCP before TOD, will the plane automatically descend in VNAV when it Hits TOD?
  • What is the average fuel burn (in lbs)?
  • How does the EFB work?
  • Do you like the new CDU keypad location?
  • How similar is it to the 777 from a pilots perspective?
  • What are some gotchas for the 787 relative to other Boeing planes?
  • At what point (in lbs) would you normally turn of the center fuel tanks? I am under the impression that it should be when you get the EICAS message "Fuel Low Center" at witch point any remaining fuel in the center tank should flow into the left wing tank.
  • How does the envelope protection work?
  • How much do you have to oversteer on taxi? 
  • Do you like the 5 screen setup relative to the 6 screen setup of the less modern Boeings? What side of the plane do you generally put the EICAS (I like the right side).
  • Please share anything else you feel is unique about the airplane

Would you be willing to
 answer these questions on a podcast? 

Leave a message for Nicolas! 

Follow Nicolas on:

Twitter Nicolas Marsh @Nicnacjak

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

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