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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

First Solo Flight Fear

The 99's are an international organization of women pilots that have been inspiring women flyers since 1929. My Seattle group is awesome, and I daily read the activities of our female flyers that pass through my computer. But today, the following message came through. 

"If any 99 has any kind of insecurities, fears, doubts, etc. about your first solo flight, you must discuss these feelings with the person who knows you best -- your Flight Instructor -- in a deep, in-depth, and totally honest discussion before you take your solo flight. Even if this means that you might need one or more training flights. No one should ever be rushed into their first solo flight. 

All of the women members of the 99's are cheering for all women pilots, but many who read your emails do not know you personally, and cannot give you  personal advice. Talk to, and be totally honest with, your Flight Instructor." 

Paulette R. Caswell, Ph.D.

Female flyers are not unique to fear and doubt. Perhaps women are more willing to openly share their fears, but all first time flyers have them too. Thus, I thought this was a great bit of guidance for everyone. 

If you want to work toward dealing with fear, check out Flight To Success, Be the Captain of Your Life, as the first chapter is dedicated to fear. 

Enjoy the Journey, 
XOX Karlene 


  1. Karlene:
    If I were an instructor, when I first realized that my student was ready for SOLO - I wouldn't tell them! Instead, we would do MANY more flights together. Then, I'd sit in the back of the plane, and say "OK - pretend I'm not here."

    This would go on for more flights. THEN, and ONLY then,
    would I ask them if THEY thought they were ready... :)

    1. Dan, my instructor said to taxi to the tower and then he got out. I had no idea. Then he said, "Have fun!" Oh... that scary moment. But the truth is, many don't believe they are ready, but the instructor says they are. Sometimes I wonder if we waited until the pilot felt 100% confident, if anyone would ever solo.

      The art of the instructor, to assess and know when that person is ready, and kick that little bird out of the nest and let them fly, even if the little bird has apprehension.

      But, they have to have confidence or that could impact their performance. The fun of the old days!

      Thank you for your comment!!


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