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Friday, August 11, 2017

Lára Needs a Gift of Wings

Friday Fabulous Flyer 

Lára Sif Christiansen

For a year and a half I  have been counting my blessings because I am healthy. For those of you who know the situation, you understand that statement. And every time a story comes into view like Lára's, it makes me remember to never take our health for granted. 

We cannot control everything that happens to use, 
but we can control how we deal with it. 

Lára was in a biking accident in May, 26, 2017 and suffered a spinal chord injury. She is paralyzed from the chest down. 

As you enjoy the photos of the life she once lived, you will understand how much she has lost from the moment that altered her life path. Make sure you return to the first photo, and see the smile that remains. The reflection of her soul, will never be locked in a chair. 

Lára's story pulls a few heart strings as my middle daughter, who was also an incredible athlete, became paralyzed from chest down at the age of 21. She beat some incredible odds, Lára can too. The body is a miraculous thing and with care at Craig's Hospital in Denver, I am sure Lára will make great strides to continued recovery. But we need to help her get there. 

Please Help Lára
Get Back into the Sky! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene 


  1. Jesus...

    Karlene, thank you for this post. I'm out of work right now,
    BUT - I will tell others of this post. How did you learn of
    LARA'S story?

    Those pics really make you think...

    Wonderful wedding pic - when was that taken?

    So, she's a helicopter pilot? Are there choppers
    with ALL manual controls?

    My goodness. Only this Spring? It's all so new to

    1. Dan, my girlfriend sent it. She's part of ISA +21. You know, there are people who give up when something horrible happens. She has not lost her smile, or her will. I think there is something about athletes, and pilots... they don't give up. Check out the photos on the link.
      Thank you so much for sharing this link!!

  2. Lara,

    it is nearly 10 years since my spinal injury, which paralysed me from the neck down. Many things in life are now bloody difficult, but very few impossible. This link will give a short snippet of my life before and after my injury:

    It was made by a news reporter from the BBC.
    I'm grateful every day to the lady who got me out of the water in Cancun, Mexico and resuscitated me. To be able to see my children grow up happy, healthy and successful.
    Never give up, life is far too precious,
    the very best of luck with your rehab,
    Jerry X

    1. Jerry, Thank you so much for your message to Lara. Life is different, but the rewards are many!
      Keep strong always.


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