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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love is Found in...

The smallest packages 
and acts of kindness

Photo from Pineterest

Today I won't be home with my loved ones or surrounded by friends. My husband is across the country. My daughters are with their friends and families. I am stuck someplace where the walls are filled with sorrow, sickness, and challenges that most of us could never imagine. 

But it's not where we are physically that matters. Or who is with us on this day of love. It's not the flowers, or candy that makes Valentines Day special. It's the feeling of love within your heart that makes this day special. And that feeling can be found through random acts of kindness. 

Last Friday I received the above Valentine in the mail. Henley is the little boy who is now living in the home my husband grew up in. Making a difference in a life can mean helping a family reach their dreams of their first home, or sending a message of love in the mail. 

Tonight I'm going to find someone sitting alone in a restaurant, in my hotel, and pick up the tab on their meal. An act of kindness can make any day special, but on Valentine's Day ... it can show people they are loved. 

Happy Valentine's Day

What will you do to share the love?

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene 

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  1. Karlene.. I hear you. I am fluent in being amongst others who overfloweth with post traumatic experiences, sickness, and challenges. And you are right, most people could never imagine what others have gone through in life to which Valentine's Day never exists and probably never will.

    I love the card you received! I will say, we have the capacity to change others by the way we think, the "pay it forward" method. I also like to pick up the tab whenever I go through the Starbucks drive through. I always loved to see others enjoy a nice venti and/or hot cocoa. Not nor ever cigarettes!

    Valentine Greetings from the other side of Lake Michigan!

    1. Happy Valentine's Day my friend! Yes... we never know what someone is going through. So close and so far... I'm off to a Heart Day of another kind. But today is filled with love and gratitude!
      Have an incredible day!!!


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