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Monday, February 6, 2017

For the Love of Humanity

Giving a Child an Opportunity

"It's easier to build strong children
than repair broken men."
Frederick Douglass

Ty Drechsel Lynn

David Lynn is a C-130 navigator living in Japan with his wife and three beautiful children. He's not only giving to his country, but to our world. He and his wife have a wonderful family full of love and wanted to share it with another child. They had thought about adopting for awhile, but military life made that a challenge. Thus it was never was quite the right time...

When David and his family got to Japan they met a friend in his squadron who was adopting a little girl from China. They knew that this was what they should do as well. The time had arrived.

"After mountains of paperwork and months of waiting we were finally matched with our new son 
Ty Drechsel Lynn."

They are currently finalizing all the paperwork which David says is, "mostly immigration stuff." They are hoping to bring Ty home by the end of March or early April. The expensive of this process is astronomical, yet may be nothing to the expense of a child with special needs. But when you have a family based on love and giving, and have a strong faith, nothing is impossible and everything is doable.

David created a great t-shirt to support a fundraiser in effort to bring their son home. With a world of people complaining how bad things are, it's nice to support those people who are giving so much of themselves so selflessly. The Lynn family does not know the extent of Ty's special needs, but every child is special and deserves a chance. He is already family.

Click Below:
to visit the T-Shirt Fundraiser Page

How do we improve the world? 

By growing the next generation 
with love and compassion.

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene

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