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Friday, February 17, 2017

Aviation Nerd

Friday's Fabulous Flyer


I belong to a group of AvGeeks on WhatsApp, and realized that Sidd and the other young people are the future of aviation. We should celebrate their enthusiasm, as they are bringing life and passion into our world up in the sky. They are the future. I have no doubt he will make his dreams come true! 

"Hey there, my name is Sidd and I am a very big aviation nerd. The disease of aviation caught me when I was 15yrs old and since then it had never let me get way with its hold. Lol! 

My vision my passion 
my love and my dream is only one:

To become an airline pilot!

I love the excitement, the thrill whilst flying, it makes my fizzy bit fizz. And its way cooler than other things, I mean sitting here at FL370 and having dinner. Not all people can do that. As a quote said, "All people are born equal, but only the finest and the coolest become the pilot". 

Just one year remaining for me to graduate, after that I'll be pursuing my Dream. I would like to thank Eric aka Cap'n Aux for providing me such great piece of info for getting into the flying business. And also Thanks to Karlene for posting this. Have fun and fly safe."

Welcome to the world of aviation Sidd.
And I'm looking forward to flying with him one day!

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene 

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  1. That is a great dream to have, Sid! I know you will make an outstanding one. I hope you get to fly with Karlene someday! Have a great weekend, Karlene, Sid, and everyone! Cheers!

    1. Jeremy, thank you so much!!! I'm thinking one day when the flight for series become movies, we'll buy a plane and all take turns flying! Dreams are made to come true!


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