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Monday, February 27, 2017

Air Crash Investigation

Round Table Discussion

Eastern Airline Radio Show Members,

“Air Crash Investigation” 
Episode 307
Round Table Discussion 
is scheduled for 
Monday, February 27th, 2017 at 
7:00 P.M. EDT. 

"Join us as we welcome three passionate authors, Former Eastern Airline Pilot, Captain George Jehn, Christine Negroni, and Captain Karlene Petitt. All who have written books and discussed Air Crash Investigations and the like, and will share their thoughts and views with our listeners.

All three authors have been on previous programs with us, and we are happy to have them join in this discussion on airline disasters that have destroyed the lives of love ones around the world.

Former Eastern Airline Pilot, Captain George Jehn and Author, flew as a pilot for EAL for approximately eighteen years on the Boeing 727, Douglas DC-9 and Airbus A-300 jets and other major airlines. He also spent six years as an elected Pilot Representative from EAL's New York pilot base and was simultaneously a six-year Member of the Board of Directors of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA). He is well known to all of us for his books, “Final Destination: Disaster: What Really Happened to Eastern Airlines,” and “Flying Too Close To the Sun!” 

Christine Negroni, Author of “The Crash Detectives,” brought us a fascinating exploration of how humans and machines fail—leading to air disasters from Amelia Earhart to MH370—and how the lessons learned from these accidents have made flying safer. Christine is a veteran aviation journalist and air safety investigator who takes us inside crash investigations from the early days of aviation to the present, including the search for answers about what happened to the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. As Christine dissects what happened and why, she explores their common themes and, most important, what has been learned from them to make planes safer.

Karlene Petitt, Author, is an International A330 Pilot who is type-rated and has flown and/or instructed on the B744, B747, B757, B767, B737, B727 and A330. Karlene is a 33-year veteran of flying, and has worked for Coastal Airways, Evergreen, Braniff, Premair, America West, Guyana, Tower Air, Northwest Airlines and currently flies an Airbus for an International airline. She lives in Seattle and is active in promoting safety within the airline industry. Karlene is well known for her new book "Flight For Sanity" along with "Flight For Control", "Flight For Safety" "Flight For Survival" and many other wonderful books."

Welcome aboard Flight 307 
as we lift-off and hear the 
“Air Crash Investigation” Round Table. 
Call in to join us at 213-816-1611, 
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See you at the gate!

Your hosts,

 Captain Neal Holland  ♦ Jim Hart *

Captain Steve Thompson *Chuck Allbright
*Captain George Jehn*Dorothy Gagnon*Don Gagnon

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