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Friday, September 16, 2016

Petter Hörnfeldt

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

Petter Hörnfeldt

Petter is a 35 year old training captain and Type Rating Instructor (TRI) and Type Rating Examiner (TRE) for a European Low Cost airline. He currently flies the Boeing 737 from his base in Girona, Spain, where he lives with his two small sons and wife Sandra. He's been flying commercially for 15 years at a variety of bases in Europe, but with the same airline. I met Petter on Linked in and so glad I did. He is yet another pilot sharing his passion.  

About 18 months ago Petter started a YouTube channel called Mentour Pilot. There is no better person to tell you what he is doing and why, that Petter himself. 


The reason I started the channel was that I was getting a lot of questions about aviation and how to become a pilot from friends and young people and I realized that there are precious few places on the internet that delivers positive and constructive advice about this subject.. I started doing a few videos based on the most common questions I received and the response was very positive. 

I am very clear about the fact that the views that I present in the channel are only my own and that I do not represent anybody except myself.  After having run this channel for a while I realized that a lot of people were asking for ways of seeing the cockpit and if they could jump-seat or visit the cockpit. As you are aware, this has become largely impossible after 9/11.

I was thinking that this is very unfair for the generation of pilots who are growing up now. They are expected to fork out outrageous amounts of money to try and achieve a dream that most of them haven’t even seen for real.  So I started looking for ways to solve this problem. As filming in the flight deck during sterile phases of flight is largely impossible as well I had to come up with something else.

Windshear Escape Manuever

My solution was Virtual Reality
This technology is coming fast now and its relatively easy and cheap to use provided you have a modern smartphone which most people tend to have. I met up with an Italian VR expert and together we created a company (Mentour 360 SC) and the first VR mobile application for aviation enthusiasts. 

The application is called “Mentour 360” 
and is available for both Apple and Android devices.

The app lets the users occupy the jump-seat on a Boeing 737 while me, and my co-pilot Holly, flies some selected manoeuvres.  If you have a google cardboard the experience is as close you can get to being inside of the cockpit without actually being there.

The response from my viewers have been fantastic with the app averaging 5 stars on all app stores all over the world but I am having trouble reaching out to the bigger audiences since I am on a very limited budget after having developed the app.

My dream is to try and use this technology to improve CRM and MCC courses in the future and even take one step further and use Augmented reality to improve type-rating courses. It could be used for cabin-crew fire drills in order to enhance realism and also for aircraft visits during re-current training."

You must read this article to learn more about how to become a Virtual Reality Pilot with the Mentour 360 App.  
Then visit Petter at

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Motivation and Children too! 

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