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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Purpose in Life

To Help Others... 

"Our prime purpose in this life it to help other. 
And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them." 
Dalai Lama

Sometimes we can take our lessons from children who help to lift stones, not throw them.  Our world appears to be filled with anger, hate, and harm. It's time to change that pattern. We must help, not harm. Help carry the load of others, and if you can't, avoid throwing stones. It's about Integrity and doing the right thing. 

Find the secret to 
your purpose in life! 


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  1. Karlene, apart of the journey called life is knowing that we have the power not only to help others, but to help others who can not help themselves.

    You are right-this world is filled with many bad things, the least we can do is change it for the better by knowing we have the integrity to do it. I would even venture to say that accountability comes into play because we have the obligation to make it a better place.

    Flight To Success is a testament on so many levels as to how we must do everything in our power to do so, not only to better ourselves, but to help empower and teach others to help themselves.

    Hoping you are enjoying your day and time with your family!


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