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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


The Future of Aviation 

The aviation industry is growing rapidly and heading full speed into NextGen, where pilots will be responsible for aircraft separation, perform satellite based landing procedures, and taxi with moving maps. My prediction with the future of NextGen is that four crew aircraft will go to three crew members.  Three crews to two. Two crews to one. With the ultimate goal of no pilots in the flight deck. 

Will people fly without pilots? I remember when everyone said, "Nobody will ever fly over the ocean with only two engines!" Never say never. But... this is one of the reasons I am working on my PhD. To help provide experience, education, understanding and common sense into the safety of the industry. 

Check out what Cap'n Aux 
wrote for Airways magazine:

Be ready for Novel five
where the reality of this reality 
will scare the H*LL out of you. 

Enjoy the Journey
XO Karlene


  1. Karlene,
    Can't wait for the next novel! Thank you for the post, and link. As I say in the article, we must not be too quick to jump the gun by a century or two on this whole "automated pilot" idea. Computers may "process" better than humans, but they can't THINK!

    1. Eric, they cannot think. And the fact the environment is so dynamic, that we need those thinkers in the moment making decisions. Thanks for the comment and looking forward to the future.

  2. I am ready for the robot co-pilot. I get so tired of listening to some half baked, crackpot pilot telling me about how they saved the day back in the Nam, or how President (Fill in the blank) was the best or worst ever, or how tough if is to make his 6th wife happy or showing me pictures of his car/boat/airplane/gun/house/pool/watch/beach house/girlfriend.

    Have you noticed that no one offers to show pictures of their first wife and kids?

    I am ready for the robo-dog co-pilot. My job will be to feed the dog and the dogs job will be to bite me if I touch the controls. That would be the perfect crew mate. No thinking involved by either party.

    1. Rob, if our copilot was a real robot, and as handsome as the guy above, I'm all in. No more listening to my copilot saying "my wife doesn't understand me!" But seriously... no thinking involved...I'm not sure you have to wait for the robo dog. Besides, I think I've flown with some of those. Thanks for the laugh.


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