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Monday, April 20, 2015

FaceBook Message:

The reason I should go to Facebook more often!

My days get busy and the messages coming in on Facebook are often forgotten. Only so many hours to do it all. But today I took a moment this weekend and so glad I did, as this beautiful message was waiting to be read.

"May I say in, "Flight To Success" such a beautiful read, and at times mostly hard to either, put down or leave for too long. I, definitely give it 7 out of 5, whilst, words, paragraphs are guidance, they are sound and, in my thoughts, should be in any doctor/ councillor surgery, or for any individual looking inwardly at themselves and looking for advice and pointers.

Whilst recovering from double broken/dislocated fingers it has also, made me re-evaluate my own self with positive thoughts actions. 

I would most definitely, without reverence, recommend "Flight To Success" to anyone including friends, and can't wait for late 2016, and the release of the third in the series of Karlene's continuing trilogy of, Darby, Jackie, Katherine in ..... "Flight For Survival", am sure, as in all previous flight novels, the level of writing and depth, whilst not heavy, is light enjoyable and, top quality."

Mark Nottingham u.k.

Thank you so much Mark!! And Flight For Survival is underway! For all those who have not caught up with the Flight For Series... time to start reading now! 

XO Karlene 

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  1. A good reason indeed! What a wonderful message. Having our books touch others is what it's all about. :)


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