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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Pilot Factor is Free!

Who said nothing in life is free?

Gifts are everywhere, and if opened can be used toward your success. Sometimes they may save your life, other times it's just something you needed to learn. The Pilot Factor is one such gift. And for three days, January 6th through the 9th, you can download the ebook for free! 

What is the Pilot Factor? 

A new approach to Crew Resource Management (CRM) that will empower your team to achieve a higher level of safety and efficiency with three three key skills: Communication, Leadership and Experience.

The Pilot Factor an enjoyable yet powerful read because the concepts are introduced through real stories. This is not an academic book written for scholars, but rather a down-to-earth book written for pilots and anyone who want to learn more about the challenges and tools of a multi-crew cockpit.  
Although the content is mostly flying-centered, theere are also skills that can carry forward into most any profession, or daily life. 

To download a free copy of your ebook 
January 6-9, 2015
Click on: The Pilot Factor

After you read the Pilot Factor take your new learned skills, read Flight For Control and Flight For Safety, and tell me what the major screw ups were in both these books associated to the lack of CRM. There is something to learn with every book we read!

Enjoy the Journey!


  1. Thank you! Downloaded! Now to find time to read it. Can't wait - it looks fascinating.

  2. Thanks Jennifer, he did a great job on it!


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