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Monday, January 19, 2015


They say we'll have days like this... but nobody said they would happen each week!

A week ago Monday my son in law, Dylan, was attacked with a baseball bat. ICU, surgery, rebuild his skull and staple it back closed. He's doing great, but he'd planned on taking his wife (My eldest daughter, Kalimar) to a romantic weekend for her birthday, and then they would go to the game. However, they had to miss last week's game due to the extended hospital stay.

Comedian attacked with bat in Renton bar photo

SeaHawks won, and another game was in store for Saturday, two days ago. They had purchased a non refundable hotel room for last weekend. However, not only did Hotel Monaco change their reservation to the following weekend, but they sent flowers with a card signed by the employees. So the date was on for this weekend, and then off to the game..... And then....

I flew in from HongKong, and we stayed with the kids for the night and Mother Nature's wrath hit. 50 mph winds and more rain than we've seen in a long time. Sunday morning came bright and early in hotel Monaco, with text messages to my daughter with pictures of their house after the tree fell into the roof. Dylan didn't feel well and my daughter needed to meet with the contractor and roofer to stop the leaking, so they headed home instead of the game. 

Just when they were wondering what could happen next... 

The SeaHawks Won!!! 

In overtime, no less!

Sometimes we have to wonder how much strength we need to get through the days. 2015 has been a challenge for our kids, but they are survivors!

When the stress of almost losing your husband, taking care of three children, the dog, the house, a flooding garage, and everything else that falls into your life at once, including trees, and you can keep smiling, and pressing forward.... you have strength! 
Kalimar... there may be a few more challenges 
on the horizon,
But I know that you can handle anything!

 And the SeaHawks 
are going to 
the Superbowl!!! 


Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Replies
    1. Ah... thanks Syd. But she's pretty strong and bounces well! I'm thinking watching how we deal with issues helps all our times of struggles.

  2. Sometimes life throws a whole month's worth of stress in one day or week. I will pray that your son-in-law and daughter got all their bad luck over in that storm of stress! Life is so fragile. We sometimes forget that. Have a better time of it yourself!

    1. Thank you so much Roland!! Sometimes we might even get a life of stress in a month. But then it's over and smooth sailing! Life is fragile. We all need to remember and enjoy!

  3. Wow - what a few weeks! Hope everyone is OK, and will get soon get over the Seahawks loosing to my Patriots in the SB.

    1. Thank you! But don't get too comfortable with that thought... SeaHawks have a much better defense! on!

  4. Tough couple of week for the family. Glad I was wrong about my prediction. Be safe and best wishes for a year that only gets better from here.

    1. Thanks... I was way off on IND... but then that's not the game that mattered. lol. Go Hawks!!!

  5. Karlene this is terrible news.What kind of people purpotrate this mindless violence with total disregarded for the law.
    Your lovely family has had it's share of worry & concern these past couple of years Having family worries is bad enough at any time but in a job like yours.Bless you all my dear.
    On a lighter note, I'm not really a fan of the NFL, I prefer REAL FOOTBALL!Anyway, as I recall, at this time last year all the talk was of your Seahawks winning the Superbowl !Let's hope history repeats itself.

    1. John, Thank you so much. I think that is something that most people don't think about... the worry we carry of our family and into the sky. Mental health is so important. And anyone with a family stressful situation should be wise to not fly.
      And... I like the way you think... GO SEAHAWKS!!!

  6. Wow - what a crazy month. I'm sorry to hear about all the difficulties, but wow, your family is amazing. Here's to a better February!

    1. The love Month! And chocolate... but of course!

  7. OMG, Karlene!
    Sending good thoughts to you and your entire family.

    1. Thank you!!! So much good coming our way for sure!


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