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Monday, January 26, 2015

SeaHawks Going All the Way!

Sunday morning found drums beating and horns honking as the party began at 630 here in SeaTac. Kind of fun living on the famous street for the SeaHawks! Front row seats.

Enjoy the photos of the Sunday Block party at my house. We all cheered the SeaHawks on as they drove past on their way to the Super Bowl!! 

And we have some pretty awesome neighbors! 

Patriots, be prepared to be
deflated legally!
Go Hawks!


  1. I have never heard such potty talk about hard balls.

    I think all of you guys up there in the Northwest need to smoke some weed and eat some Taco Bell. It is a long time before kick off.

    By the way, before all this "ball talk" I thought NE would win the game by a field goal. But the more I hear, the more I am convinced that NE will win 47-7. I think it is going to be a tough game for your hawks.

    1. Lol... It's Taco Time! Yes...and a tough game it should be. But seriously, I am so disappointed that professional football players are allowed to cheat and still play. I'm not thinking this is a good example for our children. I think they should lose all draft choices for 3 years. :)

  2. Karlene… Any Seahawk trip to the Superbowl is a special moment in my life for many reasons. Even outside of football. Especially last year..

    Also, I have a big distaste for the Patriots which stemmed back to their match with the NY Giants which we were lucky we won.

    So… being I was supposed to be in GRR by now.. I am leaving tomorrow morning. I must be home by the Sunday to watch this game. Going to ring you once I get their to tell you what a crazy week this has been between the van rental, or non rental, the blizzard, and trying to get a flight out… More importantly, I hope you, Dick, and the family are doing ok, keeping busy, and surviving the craziness of life as we know it…

    GO HAWKS!!!

    1. Jeremy, Drive safe!!! That's the most important part of this equation. So much has been happening here, I can't worry about you too. We're all good...we'll chat. "Our" Hawks will win!!! You will be there to watch them into victory!


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