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"We are the protagonists of our stories called life, and there is no limit to how high we can fly."

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Niven Sookhoo

Friday's Fabulous Flyer


For The Love of Flying: 

"In the mid 90's today, blue skies dotted with a few white cotton buds floating around and a gentle to moderate south-easterly wind made for a nice day in the circuits in the Southern Caribbean. Minimal traffic to contend with and some nice cross winds and thermals made for an eyebrow raising experience for my experienced student pilot! My guy handled it quite well and I'm so happy to see him reach this penultimate point of his PPL check ride. With dry lips and sweat off my brows and "headset" hair, I guzzle down a pint of apple flavor aminos/water, got his de-brief completed (with my trusty model Cessna 172 in hand) and ready to head out home. What a fantastic day!

My name is Niven and I'm a full time Certified Flight Instructor (C.F.I) and single/ mutli-engine commercial pilot at a flight school based on the beautiful twin island of Trinidad & Tobago. I was born and bred on the east coast of the island and even as a child, the deep fascination of airplanes started. I still rush out and stare heavenly whenever i hear an unusual rumble and I say in my Trini tongue" Ok that have to be huge.. that's probably a military heavy passing o somethin ". I am the eldest of two siblings, both being engineers by qualification and blessed with both mother and father being educators.

I feel so humbled and privileged to be asked by the amazing Karlene to contribute to this journey of her experiences and life in this whirl wind of a career. I am here for you as much as you are here for myself and many other upcoming pilots. I invite you to follow my experiences that brought me to this point in life and to experienced beyond the unknown.

When I'm not teaching flying, I'm either in the gym or learning something different. Whether it be quotations on Taoism, updates on general aviation or a new way to prepare a challenging entree. Every day is one that I choose to learn and challenge myself physically, mentally and spiritually. The pursuit of my gym training I translate into every aspect of my life and my flying career. 
Train hard, persistent, focused, 
analytical and importantly, 
smile along the way.

Tomorrow's morning is another flight and I am stoked! 

Happy and Safe Flying!"

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