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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Flight Line Service Monkey

Aviation Humor

A man was in a pet shop in Fort Worth looking at animals when a flight line supervisor from the local aircraft company entered and told the shopkeeper,

I want a Flight Line Service monkey, please.”...

The clerk nodded, went back to a cage and returned with a monkey. “That’ll be $1,000, Sir.” The supervisor paid and left. Surprised, the other customer said to the shopkeeper, “That was a lot of money. Why was that monkey so expensive?”

The shopkeeper answered, “Because a Flight Line Service monkey can park, fuel, and service aircraft, conduct required ground ops testing, rig aircraft flight controls, and is trained in in all flight line ops. He’s worth it.”


Now really interested, the man spotted another monkey with a $10,000 price tag. “What? A ten grand monkey? What can it do?”

“That’s a Maintenance Supervisor monkey. It teaches aircraft maintenance, supervises corrective and preventive maintenance programs, supervises crews of maintainers, and does all the paperwork. A very useful monkey indeed!”
Then the man found a third monkey with a price tag of $50,000. “Holy cow! What’s a fifty grand monkey do?”

The shopkeeper sighed. “I've never seen him do anything but drink beer and play with his banana, but his papers say he’s a Management Pilot."


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