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Friday, January 23, 2015

David Brooks

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

I’ve been working in a secondary school in Liverpool, England for the past six years. My job is working with children across the behavioral and special needs spectrum in assessing their needs. I do this using standardized assessment... I won’t lie I have the best job in the world, I get a kick out of seeing my kids achieve (All 1554) of them!

I graduated University in July 2008 with a BSc in Psychology and Forensic Human Biology. During the course I studied various modules that included:
  • Foundations of Psychology and Research Methods.
  • Biological, Cognitive and Social Psychology as well as Research Methods & Statistics.
  • Evolutionary Psychology.
  • Applying Psychology to industry, Human Factors, Perception and Attention, Psychopathology.
  • Developmental Psychology, Personality and Individual Differences.
  • Research Project based around the Cognitive Neuroscience discipline.

For several years I have become increasingly interested in the field of aviation. During my time at university I majored in Psychology, many of my essays related to aviation and looked at visual perception and load on the human brain. My minor was Forensic Biology. In this part of my course I looked at how bird strikes affect aircraft engine performance, using a case study at Manchester as a base to carry out a forensic reconstruction of events leading to an aircraft encountering a bird strike. I also carried out a DNA analysis of the remains from the aircraft engine to find which species of bird had entered the engine. This related to cost, blame and adequate aerodrome bird control systems.

So why aviation?
Well I won’t lie to you...the first time I stepped aboard an A321 back in ’03 I was terrified! Needless to say the thought of hurtling through the sky at 500mph filled me with one word, dread. I was a tad scared. So when I returned home I resolved to learn exactly how aircraft work, the rules of the air, IFR/VFR and the principles of flight.

When I returned to the sky aboard a Thomas Cook Airlines Boeing 757-300 in the Summer of 2005, I knew exactly what lay ahead. A love affair was born. Since then I have traveled to continental Europe, the Greek Islands and Canada. Each time the passion for aviation has grown stronger.

I first started ‘spotting’ in August 2012 at Manchester International Airport over here in the UK. My first up close and personal encounter with an aircraft at the side of the runway was a 767-300/ER. I remember being in awe, seeing the two chaps in the front office, the flash of the anti-collision beacon and the white strobe flashing. Sat there on the taxiway, perched somewhat precariously between the ground and free flight. The two engines at idle, before the crescendo of spool up and departure.

The blog is my way of reporting, tongue in cheek about the industry as a whole, where is it headed and how it is perceived by those ‘on the ground’ as opposed to those in the air? Its light hearted and serves to remind us that aviation is a huge part of our lives.

For the future
In the short term, continue working with the best bunch of kids in the City of far as the future goes I’d like to end up a human factors psychologist...and yeah you guessed it, for the airlines!

Social Media - I can mostly be found tweeting my spin on the aviation world under the moniker @AirNewsX, compiling my blog for my ever growing list of readers and snapping aviation photographs at Manchester with my partner in crime and cousin @Mr09Los...

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Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. I guess David should became an airline pilot! There are some great opportunites on CTC Aviation in England! Especialy Virgin Atlantic future pilot schemes, as I know from his blog he likes Virgin! :-)

    1. He should!! And I'm thinking we all like Virgin. Yes, let's convince him.

    2. I hate to rain on your parade chaps but I applied and sadly never made it through. Which is a massive pity as a bit of an Airbus-phile I'd have enjoyed sat in the right hand seat of an A330-300

    3. One time? You applied one time? Okay my friend...sometimes this it takes multiple times before we get what we want. You must keep trying!!!

  2. Well done young David. Manchester is a great airport & has a superb spotters area.

    1. I have yet to be to Manchester myself, but looking forward to it!! Thanks for the comment John!

    2. Some brilliant places to spot both on an off airfield. The runway visitor park is a particular favourite as it allows for some beautiful 'taxi' shots.

      Off airport the runway two trail that takes in the tunnel under the second runway is a good ramble and combines both my passion for walking and spotting.

      Heard Delta were pulling off the ATL-MAN route and Virgin will be taking it up using the A330-300.

    3. David, I did not hear that! So sad. Okay... i have the best plane spotting area in Seattle. But ... have to keep it quiet so we don't get locked out. But when you come, I will take you!


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