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Friday, November 21, 2014

Pedro García: AVGEEK

My name is Pedro García, born in Madrid, Spain, 
and I'm an avgeek since...forever!

My grandfather worked his entire career, in the Sales area, at Aviaco and then at Iberia Airlines, in those years of aviation's golden era.  So, I always saw Iberia staff at home, and that was enough for my aviation passion. When I was a child, I did a lot of plastic models, read and buy a lot of aviation's books. In 1991 when the computers came to my life in 1991, opss, two passions at the same time. Simulators, great!

Why am I an avgeek?

I always select window seats, close to the wing.  When I see a plane I have to enjoy it watching everything about it. When I travel to any city in the world I like to visit aviation's museums.
And because I have an airport at home!

Books, videos, photos....

I started to work as a developer in urban traffic and finance projects when an unique opportunity arose, work in the new Madrid Barajas Terminal 4 and Airport Management Center building project, since then, I have been working in several new terminals/airports (10 till the date), managing the integration systems tests and commissioning.

In 2013 I started, a personal website that joins both passions, aviation and technology. It is a website for writing about about aviation technologies, history and for spreading knowledge freely.

I've written articles about several different topics:
Beginning os stealth planes
The 45th anniversary of the 747
Making interviews
Mobile at aircraft
Google glass in pilot training
Biofuels in commercial aviation

Apart from the articles, you can find several sections:
Library section with recommended books, (, including mine (about bored topics of airports systems ;)), some of them freely downloadable.
Education and Kids, with some references pro-training courses, NASA resources, where view planes.

Meet the experts for reading interviews, listing worldwide conferences, events, shows, etc. 
Videos and photos, I also have a Youtube channel ( with a lot of videos.

One of the most important section Projects&IT, a place to show pure IT related topics, Open Source projects (, APIs, and three sections for promoting projects or services, the original "Mum, I've worked in this project" ( a place to show our mums what we are doing, The Showroom for listing interesting projects and Help Projects in order to list projects that need support. These three last sections have not any content yet, but they will have.

 Do you have some interesting to show? 
One of the website's pretexts was to use it as to keep learning new developing technologies using aviation; I'm developing functional airport systems mock-ups in order to explain how the airport processes work and how the systems support them. (

Apart from my website, after of years of dreaming, last year, in 2013, I had my first experience as a pilot (glider pilot)( I was learning to fly gliders for a whole week, it was a superb experience. I hope I can continue soon.

So, everyone is invited to have a glance and cooperate, I will have to accept aviation's articles with a “tech” component. You can also contact me at:

Twitter @aeriaablog 

Enjoy the Journey!!

XOX Karlene

And ... Thank you For Reading...

for your Amazon Comments too!

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