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Monday, October 20, 2014

The Days are Flying By....

Last week gave me Monday and Tuesday to catch up.  Which was much needed. There is a reason we have children when we're young. Wednesday I flew to NRT with a great crew. Which I felt a bit guilty slam clicking...but I was so very tired and had homework. The flight back to Seattle on Friday was with a Captain I had worked the panel for on the freighter. So much fun catching up! The skies were just beautiful as was the flight.

Friday I landed in Seattle, and that evening found me at  the Bridge of Hope event. My girlfriend Geri Jeffery, (Formerly Geri Brown when we were in high school) has been giving her time, energy and life to helping others. She and her husband Mike hosted a spectacular event. The evening reminded me how fortunate we are, and how many blessings we have to be thankful for. Those kids in Sierra Leone are faced with some pretty horrific life challenges. Sierra Leone is the poorest countries in the world and the Bridge of Hope is giving the gift of education, the hope for a future, medical and dental attention, and faith. To learn more about Bridge of Hope... click HERE.

Steve and Janet Potter (high school friends) 
And Geri and you know who

The question for 
All Football Fans is...  
Do you know who 
the right and left wingmen are? 

Saturday was more catching up on life and a walk with the hubby. After the rain all day, the evening was beautiful. We headed out, but then returned to grab my camera. So glad I did. 

Sunday I met JR... The One Million Mile Passenger... as he was in town and came for dinner.  A great break from homework. 

Today I will be spending the afternoon with granddaughter miss Kohyn to celebrate her 4th birthday. Our birthday date delayed. And I think I might be flying to NRT/TPE/NRT/ SEA beginning Tuesday. But we'll see, as I'm on reserve. 

Have a great week everyone! And remember to enjoy every moment! 

XO Karlene

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