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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

NextGen Defined...

Yesterday I watched an interesting video in my human factors class. It might be a little bit propaganda.... but there are many good things about NextGen and the benefits will be many.

NextGen is economically driven, which is not a bad thing. Our challenge is to make sure it's safe. Operationally I've noticed when we fly ocean crossings and need a higher altitude due to weather or fuel efficiency, and are denied "due to traffic" and we can see traffic would not be a conflict. By having control will provide a huge benefit.

What do you think about NextGen? 
Any concerns, fears or thoughts?
XOX Karlene 

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  1. Besides being way over budget and way behind schedule, the problem with NextGen is that it includes a lot of expensive equipment mandates that private aircraft owners cannot afford.

    Imagine if you owned an airplane and you were barely able to afford to fly it. Maintenance costs, fuel prices, storage, insurance, and all the rest were just at the edge of what you could afford. But you were making it work. Then the FAA comes along and says in 2020 you'll need to spring for another $5,000 of equipment in order to keep flying. That's what general aviation is facing.

    The airlines don't care -- they'd just as soon seen "little planes" gone forever so they're not in the way. But many folks in GA are just holding on to their piece of the pie right now, and this would force them out. In the end, that's bad for everyone.


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