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Monday, October 27, 2014

Aviation History Month

Is Just Around the Corner!

The last week of October is rolling into November quicker than it should. I'm starting week eight in school and that means CRM and more experimental designs. Do you know what my team did in Statistics? We designed a study to allow computer usage for long haul pilots to create alertness at the end of a long day.

I just arrived from Bejing yesterday. And after a 28+ hour day, I posted our finished assignment after some final touches. This week... homework, trick or treating, Austin, playing with the grandkids, and more homework.

But today is about and invitation for you to become part of history. 
Savvy Central Radio...

Is celebrating Aviation Month with a great list of aviation superstars.

Christina says, "Our 3rd annual "Aviation Month" is just a week away. Here are just some of our exciting guests coming up:

Tyson Rininger Aviation Photographer: What sets you Apart in Your Business?
Jason Schappert Creative Solutions for Growing your Business.
Wayne Gorsek Essential Ingredients for Creating a Successful Business.
SkyVector Through Necessity, Brilliant businesses are Born.
Angelo & Bianca of ‪#‎RoyalJets‬ Inc. - Stand out by Being Exceptional — with Jason Schappert and 3 others.

New Approach to Aviation Safety –
 Proactive Versus Reactive.... 

NOVEMBER 14th, 2014
1700 PDT
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If there is anything you would like us to talk about, leave a comment below!  We'll be recording on the 5th!

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  1. I really liked listening to your last radio interview! This time maybe you could discuss the working conditions of regional pilots? It's just a suggestion. Good luck with your homework!

    1. Alex, Thank you so much! I will definitely discuss this. If you want to email more specifics, that would be great too. I just spoke with someone today how they work 85 hours in 4 days and are paid for 17. A challenging way to live and make ends meet. Thanks for your comment!


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