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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend Give Away

Once upon a time, seven times to be exact, I had arrived at my new airline job and sat through a two week company indoctrination class… before the fun airplane stuff began.

This time however, I am at my desk performing on-line training in my living room, and tomorrow I fly to destination for only three days of classroom indoc. Times have certainly changed. I now have the opportunity to download all manuals, and study the airplane before I arrive to the school house.

So here it is, Saturday night and I was supposed to be at Dan’s birthday party. My sister's significant other. But from the sound of it, they’re doing just fine without me. Instead I am giving my weekend away to learn top secret airline stuff.

Tomorrow the next adventure begins. The effort, commitment and sacrifice, is definitely worth it!

~ Karlene


  1. Ah... A very old post! No one has commented here so I am going to comment. You know what? Family party is just so much fun! But reading top secret airline stuff is even better, I think. XD Oh my... I'm so addicted. D:

    1. Lol... this is one addiction that is a very good thing!!! :)
      You're the best!

  2. Karlene:))

    My name is Dan. I'm from the future. You'll be relieved
    to know that in 2015, your blog will STILL be going


    Don't worry about the party.You're having even
    more FUN! :))


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