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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Enroute: 4 hours and 21 long minutes

I haven’t started school yet, but memories of the commute came flooding back!

At the airport I received the special massage treatment as I navigated security, compliments of the new hip. I realized, as I stuck my leg out, that my new uniform pants are lint collectors. As the woman slid her rather large wand over my legs, I told her that they really need to get lint rollers on the wands... We could be safe, and clean! And when security upgrades their x-ray scanners… those that take a peak under your clothes… to do our mammograms too, women travelers will be set!

We were a little late departing due to a very full flight, but we landed on time. Snuggly set in 39B, I ate my cookies and peanuts, and read my Flight Operations Manual. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, I lost 3 hours of my life. Time zones will do that every time. But for someone who doesn't have enough hours in her day, this is a pressing challenge. My wake up is in five hours.

Welcome back to the work a day world! More to come after my first day of Airline indoctrination.


  1. That mammogram idea could catch on.

  2. That would be great wouldn't it? No need to go to the doc when the airport scanner can do the mammograms for us! Love that!

  3. You think? Thanks for the comment. K

  4. Hi Heather, It would be great. lol. Maybe in the next fantasy! Looking forward to traveling to Tulsa with you. K


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