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"The World is a Dangerous Place, 
Not because of those who do Evil, 
But because of those who look on and do Nothing."

Albert Einstein

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Whenever an accident occurs, the industry blames the pilot. However, if we continue to blame the pilot then no one needs to be accountable for necessary improvements. In 2016, the Office of the Inspector General identified that pilots lack flight skills and have problems monitoring their instruments. Incidents and safety reports have identified confusion, lack of understanding, and mode awareness issues. However, I hypothesize: 

Pilots are not to blame, 
but a larger system may be accountable. 

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I am working on my PHD in Aviation with a focus on Safety. The purpose of my research is to identify the relationships between safety culture, pilot training, aircraft understanding, aviation passion, and the impact on automation usage, in order to identify the root cause of performance issues, beyond pilot error.  

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I am looking for commercial pilots 
to participate in a survey. 
Your name will not be taken, 
Ensuring complete anonymity!

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To qualify, you must be a commercial pilot (airline, charter, corporate), with a crew compliment of at least two pilots. You may also be retired, or between jobs, if you were actively employed under the above conditions within the previous calendar year.

The Pilot Test is complete 
and I am collecting data! 

I need 1600 responses. thus if you 
qualify, or know someone who does.
Please send them this website:

If you qualify, please click the link.

Participation should only take 10-15 minutes!   



  1. Tony Kern might be of interest to you...

    1. John, Thank you so much for sharing that link!

      Tony Kern is amazing and yes, he is of much interest. He is also my external committee member. I could not be more honored to have someone of his caliber, experience, and knowledge on my team.

      I'm going to say, based on your comment, that old saying... great minds think alike. :)

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Your research reminds me of this paper -

    Not exactly correlated buy some of the same ideas are mentioned. It seems the airlines haven't quite caught on to this fact or are eager to simply blame the pilot.

    I once heard you mention at WAI something along the lines of "protecting our jobs" in relation to automation. Although the system plays a role, I do wonder if pilots are the weak link at this point. It'd be awesome to learn more about your thoughts on this in some public writing. At the moment, I think I side with Mary Cummings of Duke but, as a professional pilot, would be happy to be convinced otherwise.


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