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Monday, May 1, 2023

FAA let 737 Max Keep Flying!

People Died Because of It

The Washington Associated Press posted today:

"Some engineers for the Federal Aviation Administration wanted to ground the Boeing 737 Max soon after a second deadly crash, but top officials in the agency overruled them, according to a government watchdog.The inspector general of the Transportation Department said in a new report that FAA officials wanted to sort out raw data about the two crashes, and held off grounding the plane despite growing international pressure. The inspector general’s office said that it reviewed emails and interviewed FAA officials.

The investigation “revealed that individual engineers at the Seattle (office) recommended grounding the airplane while the accident was being investigated based on what they perceived as similarities between the accidents.”

One engineer made a preliminary estimate that the chance of another Max crash was more than 13 times greater than FAA risk guidelines allow. An FAA official said the analysis “suggested that there was a 25% chance of an accident in 60 days” if no changes were made to the planes.

“However, this document was not completed and did not go through managerial review due to lack of detailed flight data,” the report states. FAA officials at headquarters in Washington, D.C., and the agency’s Seattle office opted not to ground the plane. “Instead, they waited for more detailed data to arrive,” the watchdog said in the report, which was made public Friday. The first Max crash occurred in October 2018 in Indonesia and was followed by the second in March 2019 in Ethiopia. In all, 346 people died.... "

The Families Deserve More


As a result of the max crash aircraft manufacturers and their subcontractors were added under the AIR21 Statute to help protect employees who come forward. The government believes that these employees would have spoken out if they were protected under this law. I'm telling you from experience, this would not have changed anything.

There is no way that these accidents would not have still occurred simply because aircraft manufacturers were included under the AIR 21 Statute. Does anyone think that Boeing would have done anything different if they were faced with paying $50,000 in compensatory damages? Does anyone believe that a law that holds nobody accountable would have made any difference in the outcome? I don't.

The AIR 21 Statute is flawed. While the intent of protecting aircraft manufacturer employees was valid, not until this law is changed will that make a difference. Help protect employees to speak out!

Please download and read the necessary changes here:

AIR21 Aviation Advocate Reform Act

Send the proposal to your congressmen and congresswomen, share it with your local media.

Please sign the petition. Share the link with everyone you know.

Only by the grace of God have we not had more accidents. I know of a dozen near events that should have been a major hull loss. The reason these are ongoing is that, people fear reporting their concerns. Please help solve this problem before we have another accident. Enjoy the Journey

Dr. Karlene Petitt
A350, B777, A330, B747-400, B747-200, B767, B757, B737, B727

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