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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Inspire the Future

Share Your Passion

"The act of promoting Aviation to the younger generation is invaluable." 
Aidan Lally

Aidan Lally 

Raéd Alexande coordinated an online Career Day and was looking for guest speakers. While I was on a plane that day, I posted the request to help find others. Career Day was on March 11, 2022 via Zoom and was a huge success. Two of the presenters reached out to share their experience. 

Captain Kathy McCullough called and expressed how much fun it was talking to the kids. While Kathy is now retired she is still giving back to the future of a career that she loved. We discussed how events like this make a difference, even if you impact just one student. 

Kathy and Joe Sutter

Then I received an email from Aidan Lally, that he, too, talked to the kids. Aidan is in school at UND to become a pilot and he reminded me of the importance of taking the time to inspire. I first met Aidan in 2018, when he was a Junior in High School and boarding my flight to Europe. As it turned out, my first B777 flight. He introduced himself because he read my my blog and had recognized me. I stopped to chat with him before boarding the plane. He later reached out as a student from UND. Aidan is an inspiration himself and became a Friday Flyer.  

Aidan Lally

Aidan wrote: 

"I saw your blog and LinkedIn post a little while ago re-sharing from Raéd about the 5th grade virtual pilot "Career Day" in Dallas this morning. Just wanted to let you know that I took action from the post and presented this morning to two of the 5th grade classes! Raéd and I got in contact and he got me all set up. Since I'm assuming you're out flying today, I figured someone needed to cover the presentation. I spoke for about 20 minutes on my Aviation career thus far from start to where I am currently at UND. Although it's short comparatively, I think the act of promoting Aviation to the younger generation is invaluable. 

Kind of like when I met you at SeaTac in person for the first time... Seeds are planted along the way that hopefully inspire. I can tell you with certainty reading your blog as a kid had a huge impact on my decision to join pilot family; and for that I say "Thank You!" Hopefully the students this morning were inspired by a variety of presentations that spark a catalyst for the future! Too, I've been reading Flight For Truth recently. Your books never cease to amaze me."

Thanks to all the presenters that made this day special, and a huge thank you to Raéd Ayyad from the Texas Pilot association for coordinating this event and making it special for everyone! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

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