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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Grinch arrives at local airport

"Grinch Arrives Where Santa Died"

As reported by Christine Negroni.... 

"On the Friday before Christmas in 1959, private pilot Charles Chase Jr. died dressed in a Santa suit.

The 39-year old father and aviation aficionado had taken his airplane over Central Maine, loaded with Christmas presents for the children in the town of Dover-Foxcroft. It was an annual tradition that would see him land right back on the private airstrip he helped develop and distribute presents to the kids eagerly awaiting their flying Santa.

Gifts and Santa are an unbeatable combination but sixty years ago, one can imagine that the kids were probably equally excited about the airplane.

On this particular Christmas, however, Santa’s arrival was not to be. Chase’s plane crashed short of the runway. As a memorial, his heartbroken parents deeded the airstrip and 70 acres of land on which it sat to the town. In February 1961, Charles A. Chase Jr. Memorial Field was created."

This is the part where grinch arrives....

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