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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Flight For Truth

From Justice to Truth!

The series continues!

The last couple years have been a bit busy earning a PhD, checking out on the B777, remodeling a house, and writing legal briefs. However last week I made a commitment to get the next novel complete. Which was going to be Flight for Justice. However, justice will have to wait. The story of my life. Flight For Truth will come first. 

Flight For Truth 
Is coming soon...

I don't have a cover idea yet, but I am taking suggestions. I do have an incredible reader who is editing on the fly with me. I write a chapter a day and send it to Trimbi. She edits and sends back. Thank you Trimbi! 

I'm writing this novel in 100 days!

I recently attended a conference and someone made a 100 day writing goal, because "It was impossible to write a book in 100 days." Then I said, "I am writing a book in 100 days, because all you have to do is write a chapter a day."

The stories are exciting. The action is ratcheting up. The truth is in the fiction. Literally. And the reason I am writing Flight For Truth before Flight For Justice-- the novel would be too huge if I tried to write it as one story. Flight For Truth will determine if Darby returns to the job she loves. Flight For Justice will make her whole. Or will it? 

While I'm writing the next novel... 
please catch up on the series. 

The First Novel... 

Imagine writing a novel, Flight For Control, with the theme of mental health embedded within the world of aviation. And then two months after your novel is released a Jet Blue captain is locked out of the flight deck by his first officer, after he suffers from a mental breakdown. What if he hadn't been locked out? And then four years later a Germanwings first officer successfully locks the captain out of the fight deck and flies his plane into the mountains. Read more here...

 The Second Novel...


Imagine writing a novel and Asiana crashes in San Francisco, and you have a scene that mirrors that event. And then your pilots are flying an A330 to Singapore as a storm builds, they get caught ... and two years later Air Asia takes the same route and flies into that storm but crashes. Fiction that mirrors truth.  Read more here... 

The Third Novel...

Imagine being an author working on your PhD at the same time you are an airline pilot. What if all those worlds merged into one exciting adventure, where truth was scarier than fiction and the lines between your worlds blurred? You would write the novel Flight For Survival.
Read more here...

The Fourth Novel... 

It's insane how airlines are cutting training at the expense of safety. Insanity extends to the FAA, where industry issues of automation dependency, lack of hand flying skills, confusion, and lack of understanding stem back to 1996, yet these issues are more prevalent than ever. Imagine what happens to the person challenging the system...

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Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 


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    1. Thank you Jake!! Moving right a long. Let's just say this next book is writing itself

  2. “because all you have to do is write a chapter a day."
    Oh, is that all?

    1. Yes.... and boy is that hard work! But so far, so good. I'm sticking to it.


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