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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Flying Fatigued

Fatigue in the Workplace

Pilot fatigue is a challenge due to the nature of the business that creates an operational challenge. During my research I received many comments from pilots who wished I had presented fatigue questions on the survey, and that research will be forthcoming. However, I recently came across an article by Susan Sawatzky that is well worth the read.  

Susan explains how fatigue impacts performance, which will be no different if your workplace is at 34,000 on on the ground. An interesting read: 

"How Fatigue Affects Worker Safety Let’s begin by examining how fatigue fits into the world of OSH. Fatigue can create a significant hazard in many workplaces because of the way it affects a worker’s ability to safely perform job duties. Fatigue can impair workplace performance in four key areas. 

1) Alertness: To notice or react to changes in a work environment; to remain vigilant. 
2) Emotional stability: To remain emotionally calm and stable when dealing with critical situations. 3) Mental ability: To remember, think clearly, make decisions and communicate.
4) Physical ability: To perform with adequate reaction times and overall coordination. 

Short-term effects of fatigue can lead to significant safety hazards as the worker’s ability to safely and effectively perform work is impacted. Figure 1 presents examples of physical, mental and emotional effects of short-term fatigue. OSH professionals can use findings from occupational research on fatigue’s impacts to create a strong business case for the need to address"

This is a great article for employees everywhere!

Enjoy the journey!
XO Karlene 


  1. My university grades were SEVERELY impacted by my sleep deprivation: At the time, I did not realize that without inadequate sleep, we are brain damaged, sometimes in subtle ways, temporarily...

    1. Dan, this is so true. That's the scary part about it, is that we don't really realize at the time of fatigue, how fatigue impacts us.


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