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Friday, March 8, 2019

Normalization of Deviance the Book

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ETA February 2019

I'm turning my dissertation into a book to share this research with real people, and to thank the thousands of pilots who participated in this research for their effort. Nobody reads dissertations, but I hope you will all read this book based upon the research. 

Why Normalization of Deviance? 

Simply put, this term may best explain why an organization's culture and associated behavioral norms can violate FAA requirements and encourage pilots to perform in a manner contrary to written policy. This term may explain how operators can know that pilots have insufficient knowledge, lack understanding, and are losing manual flight skills, yet training methodologies continue to be deficient in skill development, and fail to improve training processes to increase understanding.

Furthermore, normalization of deviance could also identify why individuals within an organization have the ability to retaliate when employees follow the FAA mandate of see something say something. While it's hard to imagine anyone retaliating against someone offering suggestions for safety, researchers have identified that the retaliating employees do not recognize their behavior as deviant because the behavior has become a normal occurrence within the organization. 

Thus the term normalization of deviance. 

This deviant behavior has also been attributed to pilots not following standard operating procedures, which subsequently become the norm. However, the results of this research have identified the deviant behavior may be in the hands of the organization and identified as a poor safety culture.


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For those who would like to read the entire dissertation you can find it here: Petitt Aviation Research

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 


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    1. Thanks Mark!! I will keep you posted. The results are quite interesting for sure!!

  2. Some people read dissertations!!

    I tracked down the Master's thesis of Peter Waite, who used to be my Canadian History professor. Fascinating to examine his VERY first attempt to write a book...

    1. Oh, I would love to see that. I think my first attempt to write a book... I did everything wrong. Thanks so much for your comment!!


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