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Friday, January 25, 2019

Laurent Fastrack

Fridays Fabulous Flyer

Laurent Fastrack

"We do both of us fly on the same machine (B777)
and I believe our skies must have crossed few times." 

Laurent tells me he grew up in France, in the French Alps, surrounded by mountains where he says...

“I developed both passion of sport and Aviation. I studied to pass my French Baccalaureate and shortly after that toured all over Europe for dispensing my coaching technics for pro Athletic sprinters as well as Pro Tennis Players. 

After a good 10 years I jumped into Aviation and started to study hard in order to get all the required licenses , diplomas etc. After few years I managed to get hired (finally) by an Airline based in Luxembourg where I started as an Handling Agent before getting my first Saab 2000 rating. And from this time on I worked for many airlines with different fortunes (bankruptcies … end of contracts…) until I joined Cathay Pacific who is still my current employer.

I flew various aircraft types ; PA31T, Saab 2000, Emb145, B747, B777, totalizing around 9000 TFT. In the same time I never stopped creating useful tools for the Aviation Industry with a very pragmatic approach in terms of User friendliness, simplicity and reliability. 

My company is called Fastrack Ltd., registered here in Hong Kong. I started it in 2009 and initiated the development of an EFB called ‘Eole’ ( God of the winds) . Few Airlines ordered it and I finally sold my Product to a much bigger group , properly sized to handle the high demand. 

I then set up a new Company where I started a brand new strategy based on a dual stream of development (General Aviation and Commercial) . I have shaped up my skills over the last few years (thanks to the first project background) and decided that It was time to release a bunch of very efficient tools (Apps) designed to help the Pilot in his daily life but without the hassle of complexity and overwhelming modules . In other words “ keep it simple, stupid” (to a certain extent however) :) ahah 

The first part of the new line of Apps comes with ‘Air Pilot Logbook’ which brings a lot of Innovative and modern features. (I cannot unfortunately disclose what I am currently working on as development is not complete yet) 

We have a website which explains most of them, although the most recent features are not listed there as we do finalize the testing period."

An APP every pilot should download!

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene 

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