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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Aviation Thrillers

That Read Like Mysteries 

Fact it Stranger than Fiction!

Darby's story does not end in Flight For Sanity, but just begins. Global Air Lines thinks they can silence her, but little do they know keeping her from living her passion, only fuels her mission and gives her time to investigate. What she learns will make you laugh, cry, and want to scream.  

Flight For Justice
(5th in the series) 
is well underway! 

My research is Darby's research in the next novel, and what she finds will not only shock you, but make you appalled at the level of depravity airline management will go to silence and remove pilots who fight for Safety, or just piss someone off. 

But on a humorous note... pathetic because it's true... when you read the following passage in the next book, and think that I took extensive creative license, know that not even I could make this up. 

Below is an actual excerpt from a pilot medical report, written by a psychiatrist that the airlines use for downing pilots for mental health when the want to get rid of them. 

Nobody has challenged this doctor?

Don't doubt that Darby has found a team, and together they will fight for justice in the next novel. Not only is it time to clean up the airlines, but also time to hold the medically depraved doctors accountable, too.

at the Beginning! 

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  1. This is nuts - it's like a chapter from Joseph Heller's "Catch 22"

    If a pilot does not fight back, and does not protest, then the pilot agrees with the ‘diagnosis’ that they are a danger, and it is OK for them to ground you.

    If you do fight back, then you are confrontational, aggressive, and therefore dangerous, so it is also OK for them to ground you.


    1. Actually what he was doing is threatening the pilot that if the pilot challenged him, the process and his unethical practice, as far as writing a complaint... he would never come back.

      But... if he went along (with this mentally unstable doctor) then he could potentially get better!

  2. Karlene,
    I agree with JR—this is straight out of Catch 22...or perhaps One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

    To think that a hack quack on the dole from the very institution that desires the "troublemaker" grounded simply reeks of unethically deplorable practices. If this happens in real life (and sadly we know it to be true), then one can only hope that, in the end, the "little guy" is proven right, given back his wings, while the proud charlatans fall like a vindictive Icarus of their own folly.

    Best of luck to all the Darbys out there!

    Eric "Cap'n Aux" Auxier

    1. Thanks Cap'n Aux! As I have been researching Darby's challenges, I have found some interesting things. Mostly the doctors that belong as inpatients, themselves.

      Interesting, because the airlines pay them, they are not technically the pilot's doctor, and they cannot be sued for malpractice. But, there are other avenues... I just learned the OIG has a site to report, and they make it easy.

      Sadly there are more Darby's that we could imagine.
      Thanks for your comment.


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