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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Beyond Silence

A Gift to the world by a very talented lady... Thank you Heather!

One day when I was twelve,
while my hand on throttle quivered,
plucky youth turned her trick
and pulled me swiftly upward.

Quickly past the ground below,
pied crops, soft leaning wheat,
she beat the air below my wings
and swept me off my feet.

I slipped between the tangled wafts,
pushed beyond green mountain’s brim
then drifted over ocean silent,
cradled in a whisper’s hem.

Returning to the heavy earth,
where every movement seemed to hasten,
I promised her my heart forever
but flight, I learned, is no fair tradesman.

Longing now, forever more,
to lift beyond so sweetly
but weighted, burdened, here on earth
how the many birds I envy.

Rough or smooth just take me there,
that place beyond the rush,
where angels soften death’s alarm 
where all, at last, is peaceful. Hush.
Heather W. Soderquist

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