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Monday, April 25, 2016

FLY More in Washington!

Twisp Washington! 
Last weekend I had the honor and pleasure of meeting many members of the Washington Pilots Association (WPA) from the Okanogan and Ferry county chapter.

My hubby and I over the mountains and through the woods to Twisp, on Thursday.  Then we headed northeast to Winthrop, for dinner and their monthly meeting. I was invited as a guest speaker and a wonderful time as had by all. Especially me!

We stayed at the Chewuch Inn, which was amazing. And... the owner is a pilot too!

Our room was incredible and something you would never expect in the wilderness. A definite must visit for anyone and everyone. And... you can fly there too! You simply should fly there. If you would like a co-pilot to go with you... I'm in! 

What I learned was how active this WPA Chapter is supporting aviation and the love of flying. They also have two pages of events and fly-ins scheduled over the next 5 months that you must attend! 
You're Invited:

Date:     May 21st!!!
Event:   Twisp BBQ and WPA Meeting. 
Time:    3 p.m. 
BBQ Potluck... the club provides the steaks! 
Info for Twisp Airport
Image result for photos of twisp airport

I will keep up with sharing these events weekly, so hopefully you can make one or more! There is nothing better than spending time with pilots and their love of flying. The Okanogan and Ferry county chapter of the WPA is awesome, and these pilots are more than willing to share their expertise with mountain flying too. Reach out and meet your flying neighbors of Washington. 

Keep Aviation Alive!

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Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene


  1. Thanks, Karlene! We enjoyed meeting you, hearing your story, and now are reading your books, with are great!
    The Twisp WPA Meeting and BBQ Potluck is actually on May 21st. The meeting starts at 2:00 and the Potluck BBQ starts at 3:00.
    Here's to Blue Skies...Cheers...June and Don Fitzpatrick

    1. May 21st!!! Thank you so much! I will get that 1 into the equation. The worst kind of typo there is on a date!!


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