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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Training update: Level six simulator.

Ideas and simulators are flying....

A year ago I spoke at Eurocontrol's Flight Safety Conference on a paper I wrote that incorporated 6 months of research... Structural Redesign of Pilot Training. During the research phase, I happened to connect with Dick Verburg on Linked in and he was in Seattle at the time. What were the odds?  We talked, and it turned out he was building the machines that I imagined for my training program. I had an opportunity to visit his facility and fly the simulators. Way too much fun! He recently sent me a press release for an order from Wizz Air. I'm happy for my friend in the Netherlands and know his business will reach great success.


WIZZ AIR orders a320 simulator from

Multi Pilot Simulations B.V. (MPS)
HA-LYE - Wizz Air Airbus A320

Pink Airplanes? Oh... my grandkids will love this!

For immediate release,

February 22, 2016

Wizz Air Hungary Ltd. and MPS have signed an agreement for the delivery of an MPS A320 FTD Fixed Base Simulator. The device will be delivered in August of this year and will be installed in the Flight Simulation Company flight simulator training center at Budapest Airport. The device will be used for various A320 pilot training activities including part of the type rating training. Some adjustments will be made to this simulator in order to allow some cabin crew training activities. The MPS simulator was selected after a rigorous selection process by Wizz Air.

About the MPS A320 FTD Fixed Base Simulator

MPS builds simulators, which are an exact replica of the Airbus A320 flight deck. An MPS Fixed Base Simulator (FBS) is identical to a full flight simulator without the motion. The high quality visual system combined with rumble and audio provides a sensation of movement. However the total cost for this FBS device is only a fraction of a full flight simulator. Given the quality and the fidelity of the MPS fixed base simulator a large part of the pilot training can be conducted on this device. The low hourly rate allows airlines and flight schools to train their pilots more hours on the simulator without increasing the cost. This way the quality of training can be improved which contributes to flight safety. 

Wizz Air Chief Flight Operations Officer, Captain David Morgan: “We are delighted to partner with MPS for the acquisition of this brand new A320 fixed base simulator. It will substantially enhance our existing training capability by augmenting the full motion simulator at our training center in Budapest. 

Wizz Air has a reputation for its world class training and standards of pilots. This simulator reinforces our commitment to maintaining those high standards whilst delivering the impressive growth of the airline”

MPS’ President and founder Dick Verburg: “We are extremely happy to partner with Wizz Air, a very professional airline with a focus on Eastern Europe. We are pleased that yet another airline is recognizing the value of the MPS simulators and the contribution these devices can make to the provision of the highest levels of training.” 
Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

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