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Friday, July 17, 2015

Brandon Desjardins

Friday's Fabulous Flyer!

Brandon Desjardins (with his instructor)
Brandon Soloed!  

"Yesterday was a milestone in my flying 'career', I solo'd for the first time, it was an awesome feeling I was proud of myself and felt really good to be up in the sky by myself. They say no matter how long a pilot has been flying for, he never forgets his first solo! This is what I truly want, to spend my life in the skies, it's a passion and it's in my blood what can I say....the feeling of flying a plane will never get old!

I had a feeling deep down what was coming once we had landed from doing circuits and my Instructor asked "Do you have your medical, PSTAR, and radio license"? I knew what was up, I got that gut feeling. And then got out once we stopped and said "Do you know what you are doing"? I started getting excited and said "Yeah. Solo time"! 
 diagram showing RWY 18 and 22 at CYAV, St Andrews airport
So he got out and I wasn't nervous just excited really, so I taxied out to the runway and took off from RWY18 to do a circuit and land on 22. The feeling was just awesome being up there by myself and I had to kind of say "wait a minute I'm flying by myself" just being alone in the sky was amazing, I was really ecstatic and just excited. So once I turned downwind I was number 3 and I landed just as we had practiced so many times before it was a great moment, a quick solo but one I won't forget, just a really really proud moment of how far I've come and what's left to go!"

Congratulations Brandon!

May all your journeys be safe, skies blue, 
and landings on a runway!

Do any seasoned pilots 
have words of wisdom 
for Brandon?
Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Congrats on your solo flight, Brandon!

  2. Two thoughts.

    1. Takeoffs are optional and Landings are mandatory.

    2. Fly what you want to fly, live where your spouse wants to live and never, ever take financial advice from a pilot.

    Congratulations on the solo.



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